Sample Dress Service

Sample Dress Service

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Loan dress to try at home for 28 days.Try our multiway dress styles and sizes with your bridesmaids before placing your final order.On safe return using our Free Post Return (UK only), we will send you a gift voucher to the same value.
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Loan Dress to Try at Home for 28 days. Try any of our Multiway Dresses in the style and size you want to test.  A Matching Bandeau top is also included for you to try with Adult Sizes and a Flower Girls Sash included with Junior Bridesmaids Styles (bandeau top is in-built). This is for you to try with our dresses but please note that both accessories are an optional extra that are sold separately from our dresses.

Our Sample dress is a loan dress available to try at home for 28 days after which time you must return it to us using the freepost return label that we will send you with your sample order. Please note that when ordering a sample dress this is only a loan dress for testing purposes and you are not purchasing the dress itself, only the service of trying out one of our dresses before you buy and you will be sent a gift voucher for the same value upon its safe return. The Sample Dress Service is the only way to test out our dresses to be sure of sizing and custom requirements before placing an order with us. As we are able to cut each dress to the exact measurement needed to allow you to have custom length dresses the sample dresses are the best and most accurate way to determine the exact length you will need. Though you can work out the length you require by taking a body measurement, this does not take into account the fall and weight of the fabric which due to the stretch can often fall slightly lower than the length at which it is cut. Therefore to ensure you have the perfect length you need and to avoid any need for alterations we strongly recommend trying our Sample dresses before placing an order so that you may have a physical guide against which to take an accurate measurement when working out what length you need. All sample dresses are standard length (100cm waist to hem) so they are the ideal way to work out how many extra centimetres you may need added on to the length (or subtracted if you are petite!) when wearing the correct height shoes. Please also note that our body shapes also affect the drop of the skirt so trying out a physical sample will give you the most accurate picture of how much extra length you need added or subtracted to our standard 100cm skirt lengths.

When you order a sample dress we will send you a dress in a random colour but you may choose 1 free Large Fabric Swatch in the colour of your choice to keep. If you need to test more than one size or style you may order as many sample dresses as you need to help you feel confident in your decision before placing an order.  Each sample dress you order costs £25 plus postage. Upon safe return of the sample dress(es) we will send you a gift voucher for the value of your sample dress service order minus the cost of postage. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable but have no minimum spend and no expiry date and can be used to purchase anything in store including another sample dress.

Please note that our sample dresses are for sizing and styling purpose only and will be sent in a random colour. We will include one Large Fabric Swatch of your choice with every Sample Dress. Please note that sample dresses may have been made from an older batch of fabric so to obtain a more accurate idea of the shade you are interested in please refer to our Large Fabric Swatches.   To view the full variety of colours available please order a Fabric Swatch. When choosing your colour please keep in mind that colour varies slightly between batches of fabric so if getting a perfect colour match is critical to you please request a pre-production swatch before we cut and make your bespoke Made to Order dresses. We can also help you source specific shades if you find that the colour you are after is not amongst our core colour range. 

Please note the cost of the sample dress service is non-refundable, as we are charging for the service of manually processing the order and keeping dresses clean and looking their best when they reach you. This service also includes the process inspecting the returned sample dress for damage as well as refolding, repackaging and reprocessing. 


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