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Wedding planning can be stressful at times, but bridesmaids are here to help you through. Here are our tops tips to make sure you have Happy Bridesmaids so you and them can enjoy every moment from "Will you?" to "Thank You".

  • Don't choose their outfit for them, choose it together. It is fine to share with them what you like and to set a colour palette but by letting them choose the style they feel most comfortable in they will not only look their best but also be able to focus on you on the big day. We have Free Swatch Cards so you can choose colours together and a Sample Dress Service so you can get together to experiment with styles.
  • Don't micro manage them. Do let them know what you want help with but let them take the strain from you.
  • Say "Please" and "Thank you". We all want to feel appreciated so little gestures go a long way. Why not send them a "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" Card and don't forget a "Thank You" card on the day. Check out our selection of Gifts and Cards. To get Buy One Get One Half price enter the code ThankYou17 at the checkout.

In the end Happy Bridesmaids make for a Happy Bride :-)