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A little bit about us...

Since 2011, me and my team have been making beautiful multiway and convertible dresses for women everywhere. Made right here in London, we take pride in supplying great quality dresses and accessories at affordable prices.

Our Dresses are great to show off your best bit and follow fashion trends without breaking the bank. Great for Special Occasions they are specially perfect for Bridesmaids Dresses, that is why we offre Free Swatches and a great Sample Dress Service.

We really want to help so if you have any questions or need any help or advise you can call or email us and we promise to do all we can to make your vision for your big day a reality.
Sylvie Morton - Founder


Sylvie Morton

Founder and CEO

And a little bit about me...

From a young age I have always been fascinated by objects that could do more than one thing. Growing up in the 70's, technology and creativity brought out a string of new multifunction goods, and clothing was no different.

Aged 8, my first multiway purchase was a reversible duvet cover! I was so excited at my find in the La Redoute Mail Order Catalogue... The pink and grey cover, with dots on one side and stripes on the other took pride of place on my bed for many years and it started a life long passion for multiway items. 

Over the years I have added to my collection; a watch with changeable straps, a reversible belt, a swim suit with a convertible bra top and lots of scarves and wraps to name but a few. It was the purchase of a Multiway Bandeau Dress that made me think that I could maybe turn this passion into a business.

For years I worked in Sales and Marketing jobs in the clothing industry. I traveled a lot and was complimented on my multiway dress every time I wore it. Friends and colleagues wanted to know where I had bough it. That's when I decided to give it a go and see if I could get a collection of Multiway Dresses and Wraps made to sell online.

It took a lot of work and determination, but I was lucky to find production and fabric wholesalers in the UK to help me make In One Clothing a reality. Now almost 8 years after I sold the first dress I am able to dedicate myself full time to the business.

It is a joy to share with customers the products that I love and I have so many more ideas to bring to life, that there is never a dull moment (well ok the accounting is pretty dull).

I hope you love and enjoy wearing our multiway dresses and wraps and if you want to share something you have found or an idea you have please get in touch. I love to hear from customers so please pick up the phone or send an email.

Finally I want to thank all the lovely customers who have bought products from In One Clothing. With your support and feedback you are supporting the Great British Textile industry.

Thank you

Sylvie Morton