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Why are Multiway dresses great for maternity?

Multiway and convertible dresses are great for maternity. We are only in maternity clothes for a short period of time so the temptation is to buy as little as possible, after all in a few months you’ll be back into your jeans. The trouble is during the six or so months you need a maternity outfit you still have to dress for work, socials, weddings, parties etc – buying a Multiway dresses is the perfect solution.

Just a few staple multiway items will give you limitless style options, making sure your purchases really give great value – they stretch over your bump to give a flattering and comfortable fit. Best of all, you can wear them afterwards too! 
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Our Multiway Dress and Multiway Bandeau Dress are ideal during pregnacy. As the waitbands are elasticated and mostly sit above the bump.

For sizing we recommend that you order a size up if your pre pregancy size is XS or S, from sizes M upwards there is no need to order a bigger size as the waistband have more stretch. However please watch out for length as the dress will be worn with the waistband over the bump and will ride up so you might consider a Midi Multiway Dress if you want a knee length or 15 to 20cm extra on the Maxi Multiway Dress style.

Here are some other good websites giving advise on what to look for in Maternity Clothing: is the obvious place to go. Click here to see their styling advice has lots of good tips and a good forum. Click here to view

We hope you find this helpful but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.